Your GP needs your help

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A strong, supportive patient voice and positive story of care shows that you value your GP and means a lot to your local GPs and practice teams.

Politicians and NHS leaders listen to patients, so GPs need your help with their calls for more doctors and nurses, more time with patients, less bureaucracy and safer care.

  • GPs want time to care for patients while patients want time with expert GPs in their neighbourhoods.
  • They understand you, your life, your health needs, and how they change over time, providing continuity of care and treating you as a whole person, rather than a symptom or medical condition.
  • They advocate for you, guiding you through the health system, talking to others about your needs and helping to fight for what is best for you as an individual.
  • They work and live in your community, and understand the key local factors affecting your health, from housing and transport to air quality and local services.

A properly resourced service is essential if general practice is to be stabilised and return to safely and consistently providing the level of care both patients and GPs would like.

Londonwide Local Medical Committees (Londonwide LMCs) supports GPs and practice teams in the Capital. We need your help to show the important role that general practice plays for you, your family, and your community. Before it is too late please share your experience of general practice with us. We may contact you about your experience, but will not share any details any wider unless agreed with you.

Email if you would like to share your experience of GP care.

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