The Londonwide Buying Group - offering all member practices access


free money saving service for London's GP practices.

The Londonwide Buying group,  a member of the LMC Buying Group Federation, offers its member practices access to a large number of pre-approved suppliers offering significant discounts on essential goods and services such as: vaccines, medical equipment, stationary and waste disposal.  This free service is available to all practices and provides a broad spectrum of money saving opportunities.

Here are some figures to illustrate the savings your practice could be making:

  • Medical Consumables - saving of 30%
  • Stationery - saving of 20%
  • Insurance - saving of 43%
  • Telecoms - saving of 57%

(All figures are examples of savings from a large London practice)

If you still can't believe this service can make a difference to you, why don't you Challenge Gary!  Gary Burns, a specialist in cost analysis , is on hand to provide a free review of your practices expenditure on services and consumables.  In 2011 alone, Gary demonstrated £250,000 in potential savings to practices who took part in the Challenge Gary analysis. Please drop Gary a line to set up a meeting.

If you would like to take advantage of these great savings, or if you have any queries regarding the buying group, please email with your preferred email address or call the team on 0115 979 6910.


Approved suppliers

These are reputable suppliers of goods and services:

  • which all practices or individuals regularly buy
  • whose discounts can be verified as being likely to yield significant savings compared with others in the market
  • who, having satisfied due diligence checks and customer satisfaction requirements, the Buying Group is confident of working with and recommending as sole supplier of those goods and services, subject to annual review

You can see the range of new suppliers on the Buying Group website.


Accredited suppliers

These are reputable suppliers of good and services:

  • which not all practices are likely to buy or which most practices will only buy irregularly
  • whose discounted prices offer savings that cannot be verified due to a lack of ‘like for like’ comparisons with others in the market
  • who, having satisfied due diligence checks and customer satisfaction requirements, the Buying Group is happy to advertise to members (along with any other reputable suppliers of such goods and services who may satisfy our requirements) subject to annual review

Further information on new accredited deals, together with details of new approved suppliers will be published as they develop.


Further information on the LMC Buying Group Federation

The Londonwide Buying Group exists to save its member practices money. The LMC Buying Group Federation helps us to do this by identifying and negotiating with approved suppliers to get the best deals.

The LMC Buying Group Federation is a voluntary association of LMC Buying Groups from around the country, established with the help of the successful Trent LMCs Buying Group whose origins go back over a decade. The Federation is a not for profit organisation, and the work undertaken by Trent LMCs Buying Group in managing these activities on their behalf is paid for by small commissions from the turnover enjoyed by suppliers. To that extent the Buying Group’s activities are self financing and that is why membership is free both to practices and LMCs.


Ensuring deals remain competitive

The prices that our approved suppliers offer practices have been carefully researched to ensure that they deliver real savings. Price monitoring and research is undertaken for the LMC Buying Group by a company called Burns Associates.Burns Associates are experts in procurement and can draw upon many years experience across a range of commercial sectors.

In addition to their other work, Burns Associates will provide, on request, to any Londonwide Buying Group member practice, free of charge, abespoke price comparison analysisto demonstrate the value of savings the LMC Buying Group deals can offer, compared with your existing suppliers. Email: for further information.

Agreements are renewed annually and rival suppliers have an opportunity then to compete with existing suppliers for recommendation.


How it works

Practices in London are automatically members of the Londonwide Buying Group, unless they have chosen to opt out (please see our original invitation that was sent to practices in March 2010) and our factsheet.

Suppliers may contact the practice once out of courtesy, but should not bombard practices with sales calls.  if they do, please contact the Buying Group directly.

Practices are under no obligation to buy from the recommended suppliers. However, practices are urged not to use deals as a bargaining ploy to obtain better terms from rival suppliers as in the long run this is self defeating. By sticking together and adopting the deals that the LMC Buying Group Federation has negotiated, all practices stand to benefit more in future as our collective bargaining power, and our value as a client group, increases year on year.  Remember, that the Londonwide Buying Group, as member of the federation, is saving you time and effort as well as money by doing the ‘shopping around’ for you.

Member practices can now start to reap the benefits. Don’t forget to email the LMC Buying Group administration office with YOUR preferred email address or telephone 0115 979 6910 for your secure password and login details, if you haven’t done so already. The administration office will inform suppliers to set up an account for you. Suppliers may contact the practice once out of courtesy but should not bombard practices with sales calls. If they do, contact the administration office immediately.

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