Sessional GPs


Sessional GPs now make up a substantial part of the GP workforce in London. Londonwide LMCs is dedicated to ensuring that the interests of this important part of the workforce is fully represented on LMCs across the capital.

The LMC is here to support all sessional GPs. We are continually encouraging GP partners to provide the best possible working agreements for all sessional GPs and practice staff. We also welcome sessional GPs onto our LMCs as any GP on a Medical Performers list working in the area can stand for election to become an LMC member.

We have a committed team that can provide sessional GPs with specialist guidance on a range of issues including revalidation, appraisals, contractual concerns, becoming a partner and much more.

Our training and education team are focused on providing dedicated training and briefings on issues that affect sessional GPs.

Salaried/sessional GPs include those listed below. Click on the links for further information.

Help us to help you: ensure that your contact details with Londonwide are correct so that you can receive up to date information and newsletters. Make the most of the support available to you.

Salaried/sessional GPs must remember that it is their responsibility under the Performers List regulations to:

  • Ensure that their name is included on the National Performers List
  • To be fully registered with the GMC with a licence to practice
  • Maintain appropriate indemnity arrangements for cover to carryout work as a performer
  • Inform NHS England within 28 days of any change of contact address and private telephone number or change in employment arrangements
  • Participate in the appraisal system established by NHS England


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BMA sessional GPs enewsletter - 16 April 2015

The latest edition of the BMA’s sessional GP enewsletter is now available. The major feature in the latest edition is the new and updated appraisal and revalidation guidance for sessional GPs. A recent BMA survey showed that many sessional GPs require further support with...

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Sessional GP BMA e-newsletter - 17 November 2014

The BMA issued its first e-newsletter for sessional GPs on the 14 November 2014. Their e-newsletter will be distributed on a monthly basis. The first newsletter focusses on the implications of the 15/16 GP contract agreement for sessional GPs, a survey on sessional GP experiences of...

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What does the new GP Contract for 2014-2015 mean for Sessional GPs? - 11 December 2013

The GPC has negotiated and agreed a new contract package for 2014-15. The terms of this contract obviously don’t just affect contractors, but impact upon how all GPs will work. So how will these changes affect workload and what sessional GPs are expected to do in their clinical sessions?

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Sessional GP subcommittee newsletter - 12 June 2013

The Sessional GP subcommittee newsletter is now available from our website.

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Sessional GPs - 19 September 2011

Sessional GPs now make up a substantial part of the GP workforce in London.  Londonwide LMCs is dedicated to ensuring that the interests of this important part of the workforce, both freelance/locum and salaried GPs, are fully represented on LMCs across the capital.  We are continually encouraging GP partners to...

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