Helping us to help you

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The GP Support team is here to help and support you through challenging times. These are their expectations how collaboration will work to achieve the best possible outcome.

Helping you

Your case will be allocated to the member of the team who is best placed to help you.

  • Your case manager will respond to your emails within a reasonable timeframe depending on the complexity and urgency of the issue together with their availability.
  • Your case manager will be available to speak with you over the telephone or video-call at a mutually convenient time.
  • Your case manager will accompany you to virtual or face-to-face meetings as appropriate.
  • Your case manager may signpost you to other sources of advice and assistance (for example, your Medical Defence Organisation, the BMA etc) if relevant.
  • Your case manager may involve one of our medical directors if it is appropriate to do so (please be aware that our medical directors are unable to provide you with personal clinical advice).

It is important to be realistic in your expectations and understand that the outcome may depend on matters outside your case manager’s control.

Helping us

In order to help us assist you we expect you to cooperate with your case manager and in particular:

  • Provide any requested information and/or documentation in a timely way, in an accurate format and with adequate time in advance of any deadline such that your case manager can provide a considered response.
  • Ensure that any documents that you share do not include patient-identifiable information.
  • Make every attempt possible to be available to attend any meetings that are necessary for the management of your case.
  • Be honest and truthful.
  • Follow the advice that is provided and do not misrepresent it to other parties.
  • Avoid taking any actions in relation to the management of your case without reference to your case manager.
  • Be courteous to the team at all times.

Please be aware that a failure to meet the above expectations, without reasonable explanation, could lead to the withdrawal or curtailment of our assistance.

Your data
Your data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy policy – if you have any concerns or questions about how your data is handled, please direct them to your case manager in the first instance.

If you have any compliments, comments, concerns or complaints regarding your case management, then please direct them either to your case manager or our Director of GP Support Services,
Vicky Ferlia on