Measles and MMR resources

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This page collects together public and practice facing guidance around measles, including the campaign to increase mumps, measles and rubella vaccine (MMR) uptake.

In the context of rising measles cases in Birmingham and London, it is helpful for practice staff to be aware of current guidance and resources in relation to the diagnosis, management and prevention of measles. MMR is part of the NHS Routine Childhood Immunisation Programme with the first dose offered at one year and a second dose at three years, four months. Practices are encouraged to continue to offer the vaccine to eligible older cohorts who may have missed their first and/or second dose.

Patient facing guidance

Practice facing guidance

Local commissioner’s guidance

On 21 February 2024, NHS North West London hosted a London-wide GP webinar on the topic of measles and MMR vaccinations for GPs and medical professionals. This included two patient facing resources:

BMA concerns

Indemnity cover for staff MMR

The Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) confirmed in late February 2024 that they would cover practices vaccinating their own staff where those staff are not registered patients of the practice. First doses were covered until the end of March, cover for second doses ran until the end of May. Item of service payments were not provided to cover the administration of MMR jabs to staff who are not registered patients of a practice.