Salaried GP

We are a friendly surgery in Greenwich (with 2 sites – Plumstead and Welling) looking for a GP to join us and help provide holistic and continuity of care for our 5,600 or so patients.

We have a strong focus on workload management and due to the clinical and administrative set-up; we do NOT expect ANY significant amounts of clinical admin to be done between clinical sessions. In addition to this, we have a very LOW VISITING burden.

We value the importance of flexibility and autonomy and this is reflected in our facilitative approach to annual leave, study leave requests and some flexibility with regards to session timings to incorporate personal commitments such as child care.

We are led by our charismatic, energetic and visionary GP partnership who are able to provide easily accessible support and mentorship and a wealth of system wide knowledge.

In addition, we have a multidisciplinary clinical team which includes Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists, Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Physios.
We also supported by the Riverview Primary Care Network Social Prescribers, First Contact Physiotherapy and Clinical Pharmacist team.

The clinical team are supported by a well-led and trained administrative team whose sole focus is to minimise the administrative burdens on clinicians whilst optimising patient care.

In summary, we offer well remunerated, low workload, surprisingly flexible, well supported, fun and relaxed work environment, ideal for the modern-day GP. Terms and conditions will of course be in line with the BMA.

We understand the direction of portfolio working and would be looking for anywhere between 4 to 8 clinical sessions a week, maybe more if desired!