Our vision and values


Our aim is to value, care for and protect:

  • Individual GPs / practices and their patients
  • The profession and patients locally
  • The profession and patients in London as a whole



We demonstrate leadership that connects the organisation by being present and consistent, communicating clearly to foster innovation, nurture change and improvement. We want to create an environment where every voice is heard, ensuring that conflicts are managed effectively at all levels.


We appreciate and respect all our colleagues, acknowledging the unique knowledge, skills and experience that everyone offers. We trust colleagues to take ownership of their work. All contributions are recognised and appreciation is communicated authentically and genuinely.

Trust and integrity

We trust each other, each other’s decisions, and each other’s contribution, working transparently and accountably to earn the trust of others at all levels. We behave collaboratively with consistency, ensuring that all communications are honest and demonstrate engagement.

Growth, development and recognition

We recognise and encourage all relevant and appropriate aspects of growth and development. Access will be transparent, fair and consistent, balancing the needs of the organisation and personal aspirations.


We represent listen to and support London’s general practice, working with consistency and clear strategic purpose. We demonstrate the best collaborative working practices both internally and externally enhancing quality, holding ourselves and others to account.