Mword Issue 89 – Dr Michelle Drage’s latest update for GPs and practice teams

18 October 2021 Dear Colleague, We do have allies. On this autumnal manic Monday, its important to know we are not alone. There are plenty of journalists and commentators ready and willing to counter the toxic narrative spun by the right-wing media last week. Here are just a few: On Thursday Sky News carried analysis […]

Update: NHS England advise holding one week’s Becton Dickinson container stock

On 8 October NHS England issued its latest update on the Becton Dickinson blood test container supply problem. The main change from previous advice is the instruction to order Becton Dickinson containers “little and often”, with the aim of practices holding no more than one week’s stock at any time. Demand from June and July this year should be the […]

Mword Issue 88 – Dr Michelle Drage’s latest update for GPs and practice teams

15 October 2021 Dear Colleague, Staying Present. If you have had a chance to look through the “General Practice Support package” released yesterday then I’m sure you are as disappointed, frustrated, and downright angry as I am. The measures set out by Ministers and NHS England managers, and crowed over by the Daily Mail as […]

Mword issue 87

01 October 2021 Dear Colleague Practice staff abuse: raising your concerns with political and police leaders I am utterly appalled by the verbal and physical attacks on GPs and practice staff colleagues, and the level of abuse levelled at GPs through social media. I am astounded by the propaganda we face in relation to false […]

Work with us to counter abuse of practice staff

We need your help to combat the growing anti-GP sentiment being experienced by GPs and practice staff. As your representative body, we are increasingly worried about the volume of abuse which our GPs and practice teams are being subjected to on a daily basis, and the mental and physical effect of that abuse. If you […]

BMA Annual Representative Meeting 2021 summary

The BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting 2021 was held virtually on 13 and 14 September. Londonwide LMCs proposed a motion to end compensation claimants pursuing professional proceedings against GPs. The motion as passed reads: Motion by Conference of LMCs: That this meeting notes the concerns expressed by indemnity providers that the goodwill shown to clinicians in the pandemic will […]

Westminster update – September 2021

The last month has seen a number of new announcements affecting general practice and the wider health and care system. Autumn and Winter Plan Last week the Government launched its Covid-19 Response: Autumn and Winter Plan 2021, setting out measures to control the Covid-19 pandemic through the coming months, and further steps in the form of […]

Recognise the emotional challenges of your work: ask for support when you need it

By Dr Phil Moore, Mental Health Clinical Co-Director for the NHS in London, co-chair of London’s Suicide Prevention Group, and chair of the Mental Health Commissioners Network for NHS Clinical Commissioners Primary care services are under pressure. Clinical and non-clinical staff continue to face unprecedented challenges from increased workload, struggles with waiting times for treatment, post-pandemic […]