New GPC England Chair

Last week Dr Farah Jameel was elected Chair of the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee England. Farah is a GP in Camden and Joint-Chair of the LMC for the area, she has been on the GPC Executive team for the last four years and held numerous other representative roles spanning more than a decade, beginning on […]

Engagement to counter abuse of practice staff

Our work to raise awareness of the abuse practices are receiving, counter misinformation and seek practical support are continuing. The information provided in response to our recent survey on abuse has helped with this, alongside figures from our regular workforce, the latest round of which is in practice inboxes now. Last week we met with […]

Covid-19 guidance update – November 2021

This page collates new guidance and existing guidance that has been updated since our last newsletter on 20 October. Covid-19 response guidance Revised UK infection prevention and control guidance, published 24.11.2021 EU DCC (European Union Digital Covid Certificate), published 2.11.2021. Winter preparedness in the NHS, published 25.10.2021. Covid vaccination guidance National protocol for Covid-19 Vaccine […]

New Integrated Care Board CEOs

The five chief executive roles for London’s Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) have been appointed. They are: North West London: Rob Hurd, current North Central London ICS Joint Executive lead. North Central London: Frances O’Callaghan, current North Central London ICS Joint Executive lead. North East London: Zina Etheridge, current Haringey Council Chief Executive. South East London: Andrew […]

Mword Issue 93 – Dr Michelle Drage’s latest update for GPs and practice teams

22 November 2021 Dear Colleague, Four barely veiled sporting references. See inside. She’s one of our own Publication of earnings delayed New Integrated Care Boards Conference of England LMCs 2021 Health and Social Care Select Committee inquiry on The Future of General Practice 1. She’s one of our own I’d like to once again welcome […]

CNSGP – What is in, what is out and who do I approach for help?

The Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) was introduced on 1 April 2019 and provides comprehensive indemnity for clinical negligence liabilities arising in NHS general practice in relation to incidents that occur on or after 1 April 2019. What do I need to know about the CNSGP?  The CNSGP does extend to all providers of NHS primary medical […]

Mword Issue 92 – Dr Michelle Drage’s latest update for GPs and practice teams

28 October 2021 Dear Colleague, The Parable of the Horses on the Cliff While practices are digesting the BMA GPC England Resolution in response to the onslaught we have been experiencing, and the imposition of the NHS England so-called ‘Support Package’, we are now waiting for CCGs who today are required to submit to NHSE&I […]

Mword Issue 91 – Dr Michelle Drage’s latest update for GPs and practice teams

25 October 2021 Dear Colleague, Events Last week the BMA’s GPC England national representatives met to respond to the Government’s so-called “GP Support Package”. See MWords 88, 89, 90 and I’m sure plenty of other sources for details. The committee, which has the sole contract negotiating rights with Government and NHSEI for all NHS GPs, resolved to reject this […]

Tips of the Month October 2021

We provide monthly tips based on common queries which come through to us from London GPs and practice teams. These are shared via social media and collated for this newsletter.