Appraisal resumes and GMC to consider Coronavirus impact during investigations

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NHS England has instructed GPs to resume the appraisal process from 1 October, although this will be in a form which is intended to reduce the amount of paperwork involved, as an acknowledgement of clinical commitments stemming from the Coronavirus epidemic.

The General Medical Council (GMC) resumed fitness to practise investigations at the start of July, but has made a commitment to take into account the pressures of Coronavirus, saying:

“We know that investigations are difficult for everyone involved, but we’re conscious that delaying our decisions any longer could cause additional stress.

“We’ll take this forward in discussion with affected doctors, complainants, medical defence and support organisations, and employers. We’ll be flexible on timescales, as we recognise that different parts of the healthcare system are experiencing the impact of the pandemic in different ways.”

The GMC’s full statement can be read here.

Last updated : 23 Sep 2020