BMA Annual Representative Meeting 2022

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The BMA Annual General Meeting 2022 takes place in Brighton from Monday 27 – Wednesday 29 June, full details about the conference, including the agenda, can be viewed here.

Three motions relating to general practice are due to be proposed and debated at the ARM 2022:

38 Motion by Great Yarmouth & Waveney Division: That this meeting recommends that all ICS boards should have representation from LNC and LMCs to ensure clinical input in future plans for service deliver.

41 Motion by London Regional Council: That this meeting supports GPs fighting to defend the GMS contract and NHS independent contractor status. The long-term GP patient relationship and the right for GPs to control their workload in a safe way, is essential for the future of general practice. We applaud the South Staffordshire motion passed at the 2021 LMC conference which called for GPCE to negotiate the end of the primary care networks (PCNs) from 2023 as they ‘pose an existential threat to independent contractor status’ and this meeting:

  1. calls on GPCE and the BMA to organise the withdrawal of GP practices from the PCNs by 2023;
  2. calls for PCN funding to be moved into the core contract;
  3. instructs GPC England to act upon the GP ballot of 2021 and to organise opposition to the imposition of the new contact including industrial action if necessary.

42 Motion by Conference of LMCs: That this meeting recognises that health care delivery in general practice is adversely impacted by the shortcomings of existing GP estates, including insufficient consultation rooms and meeting rooms and:

  1. calls on the NHS in each of the four nations to investigate the impact of current GP estate limitations on the effective safe delivery of care and the recruitment of both clinical and non-clinical GP staff;
  2. calls on the NHS in each of the four nations to investigate the impact of the limited number of disability adapted GP consultation rooms, on the clinical care of disabled patients;
  3. instructs GPC to negotiate with the NHS in each of the four nations, to urgently provide much needed new funding to develop GP estates.