Clinical information dashboard delayed

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The new Primary Care Indicators Dashboard was due to be launched on 1 May 2019. However, NHS England have encountered a number of problems relating to formatting and resolving outstanding data issues for some specific indicators so the revised launch date is 31 May 2019. NHS England have said that they will bring this date forward if possible.

In the meantime, NHS England have a contingency plan in place to support practices if they need access to data for any urgent operational needs. The idea is that if there is an urgent need to view data, they will share a cut of most recent indicators for the practice making the request. This includes all general practice indicators (most recent data available) except for specific indicators where issues need to be resolved. NHS England expect that access requests would only be made in highly exceptional circumstances until the new dashboard is launched. Exceptional data access requests can be made to

Last updated : 22 May 2019