Data sharing agreement checklist and guidance for practices

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Londonwide LMCS is aware of the increasing complexity and number of information and data sharing agreements (DSAs) and documents which practices are receiving to review and sign.

To support practices, we have put together a checklist and guidance notes to help GPs and practices in reviewing the agreements they receive in order to be able to make an informed decision on whether to sign them or not.

We have also developed, with legal assistance, an assurance checklist for commissioners/providers to use in reviewing their proposed DSA and to sign that the DSA covers the items specified in the checklist and that it meets current data protection requirements.

Whilst Londonwide LMCs cannot endorse, support or approve any information sharing or DSAs/documents, we are working hard to ensure that commissioners/providers give assurance to practices that the key requirements are in place and in a format that is accessible and readable.

You can download the PDF version of the guidance and checklist here.

You can also download an Excel version of the checklist here.

Last updated : 23 Sep 2019