Digital first and APMS contracts

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During summer 2020 there have been discussions about the possibility of creating new APMS contracts in areas deemed to be ‘under-doctored’ by NHS England and local commissioners. This follows on from a process started in 2018 in which NHS England began looking at the the role of digital first providers in general practice, which was then developed and discussed through two consultations and a board paper. As the representative body for London general practice we have taken a keen interest in representing the views of grassroots GPs and their practice teams throughout this process.

The NHS England presentation, shared with some CCGs to explain some of the ideas being considered, can be viewed here.

We are regularly asked to comment on issues affecting London general practice, here is our statement on the current issues:

NHS England consultations:

In the 2019 consultation response we said:

“We are concerned that APMS contracts are notoriously unstable and poor vehicles for the provision of the continuous and effective health care relationships beneficial to patients and staff. Considering the benefits of stable and continuous patient care and a sustainable and stable workforce, we believe that commissioners would see improved patient outcomes through increased investment and support for GMS contracts which are nationally negotiated, and provide long term stability for patients and staff.”

NHS England Board paper regarding the findings of the digital first consultations discussed and adopted in September 2019: