Fuller report response

Professor Claire Fuller is leading a wide-ranging national stocktake of how best primary care can be supported within the emergent Integrated Care Systems (ICS). The focus of the work will be on the practical next steps ICS can take as they assume a statutory footing from April 2022.

The key lines of enquiry are:

  1. What are the key priorities for ensuring a more integrated and effective NHS primary care service in future?
  2. What practical enablers are needed to realise this vision, and how should these best be put into practice?
  3. What type of leadership, engagement and decision-making structures are needed?

The essence of your response is that if the NHS is to be sustainable, it needs GPs and practice teams to be properly resourced to do what they do best: keeping people healthy in their communities, so fewer need hospital care.

We acknowledge that London primary care providers face special challenges. To improve the flow of patients through general practice, clear existing blockages, increase capacity and reinforce, maintain and sustain the existing system, developing systems, workforce, commissioners and educators need to work with LMCs, GPs and practice staff.

To maintain the high standard people have come to expect from UK healthcare within the Capital, London’s health and wellbeing must be built on a strong, coordinated, supported general practice. As an expert generalist medical service based in communities, general practice provides vital cost-effective health care and secures health improvement.

Our full submission can be read here.