Health landscape report: 29 April – 3 May 2024

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This weekly report shares new data and policy information relating to general practice, with selected facts and figures highlighted.

This report is a flexible summary, with the aim of sharing and highlighting a wide range of data and policy information relating to London general practice published in a given week. Where we view information to be of significant interest it is reproduced directly below the links to make the key points quicker to digest.  

Please feel free to share any useful stats/links you think we could include in future reports.  

Official bodies    

NHS Digital 

UK Health Security Agency 

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency 


Policy, think tanks, charities and representative bodies    

Nuffield Trust 

Institute of Health Equity 

  • The Michael Marmot Institute of Health Equity shares data from its latest study on how local authority funding affects health inequality. The full report is available here[1/5].
  • The report finds: 
    • The life expectancy gap between rich and poor has grown in recent years, but London has faired better than other regions. 
    • There is a trend for local authority areas who have the lowest life expectancy to have increased per head council tax the most. 

Smart Thinking – (Fabian Society) 

  • Cost cutters – This report from UK think tank the Fabian Society sets out how the UK can address the poverty premium and make markets work for low-income families [1/5]. 

The Kings Fund  

  • Organisational anxiety and what leaders are (or aren’t) doing about it [3/5]. 
  • Working in health and care can give rise to a range of emotions – how well are people able to cope? 
  • Isabel Menzies Lyth shared the importance of organisational interventions to create healthy and effective workplaces. 
    • Providing adequate resources 
    • Systematically providing spaces for people to process the impact of their work. 
    • Leadership and management approaches that are thoughtful about containing anxiety. 

London Trusts    

Barts Health NHS Trust 

    • An artificial intelligence tool trained to read clinical letters has prevented many patients from missing out on key appointments. 

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust 

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust