Hillingdon LMC Newsletter – April 2023

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Dear colleagues,

This summer will see LMC elections in all the boroughs within Londonwide LMCs and in Hillingdon we are keen to encourage new members to nominate themselves for election for the new term in September 2023. Nominations are open from 24 April to 26 May, any GP on the National Performers List who does the majority of their sessions in Hillingdon or one of the other areas covered by Londonwide LMCs can stand. Online lunchtime networking events on 10 and 11 May offer an opportunity to learn more about LMC membership. There are a number of different events and support for members including networking events, developmental meetings and different training opportunities including media training.

Online lunchtime networking events on 10 and 11 May from 1:00-2:00pm offer an opportunity to learn more about LMC membership. To attend one please email marie.vassallo@lmc.org.uk by Monday 8 May, saying which day you would prefer.

Please also share this email with colleagues and ensure they all check that Londonwide LMCs have an up-to-date email address and the correct borough they practice in, so they can be included in the election process. If a GP is unsure of whether their details are up to date they should email brt@lmc.org.uk with their name and details of the practice where they do the majority of their sessions.

Your current LMC members are (contact can be made via the Londonwide LMC team details at the end of this letter):

Hillingdon LMC

  • Dr Venothan Suri, Chair, Glendale Medical Centre/ HH Collaborative PCN
  • Dr Sujata Chadha, Vice Chair, Wallasey Medical Centre/ Celandine Health and Metro Care PCN
  • Dr Ronald Arulnesan, The Medical Centre (Wood Lane)/ Celandine Health and Metro Care PCN
  • Dr Bushra Khawaja, The Medical Centre (Wood Lane)/ Celandine Health and Metro Care PCN
  • Dr Mahendra Mashru, King Edwards Medical Centre/ Celandine Health and Metro Care PCN
  • Dr Khatanji Odedra, Carepoint Practice/ North Connect PCN
  • Dr Manish Patel, Carepoint Practice/ North Connect PCN
  • Dr Satesh Sehdev, The Pine Medical Centre/ Long Lane First Care Group PCN
  • Dr Jaipal Singh Sira, Cedar Brook Practice/ HH Collaborative PCN
  • Dr Minal Jain, Sessional GP/VTS Representative
  • Dr Divya Varsani, Sessional GP/VTS Representative, The Mountwood Surgery/ North Connect
  • Ms Delia Stearnes, Practice Nurse representative, Oakland Medical Centre/ Colne Union PCN
  • Mr Wissam Darouiche, Practice Manager representative, Oakland Medical Centre/ Colne Union PCN

Local priorities
Hillingdon LMC has been busy engaging with different stakeholders on a number of different issues as follows:

At a borough level:

At a North West London level
We also collaborate with our LMC colleagues across North West London to address issues including:

General Practice Alert System (GPAS)
Real time information on GP pressure

GPAS has been developed to monitor the ability of general practice to cope with current demands. It will enable the LMC to advise the ICS/ICB within an area that general practice as a whole, rather than at an individual practice level, is either starting to struggle to provide appropriate levels of care or is no longer able to maintain full GP services. It can be compared to the OPEL (Operational Pressures Escalation Levels) system used by Ambulance and Hospital Trusts. Importantly this data remains entirely anonymous, and we will report by locality and pan-ICS only.

GPAS will become increasingly difficult to ignore as it gets rolled out across the country and ultimately LMCs and GPC will have access to a national dashboard which we will all be contributing to. We need practices to provide us with a named person and deputy to send the emails to and for practices to complete a weekly form that consists of six simple questions. The form will take a few minutes to complete, and think of the benefits being able to show this to the wider system.

If you want to learn more, Dr Elliott Singer, Project Director for GPAS and Medical Director at Londonwide LMCs will be leading the following GPAS sessions: Wednesday 28 June 12-1pm and Wednesday 26 July 12:30-1:30pm. Please email LEAD@lmc.org.uk and for further information contact ann.ayamah@lmc.org.uk.

PCN Clinical Director Support

Londonwide LMCs offers ongoing support to PCN CDs in the form of a monthly forum and list server. If there has been a change to your PCN CD please do let us know.

Thank you for those of you who contact LMC committee members about issues as they arise. We rely on you to know where support is needed and are grateful for your queries. LMC members are keen to hear from our local GPs and practice teams about any issues you are facing.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Venothan Suri, Chair, Hillingdon LMC