Lambeth LMC newsletter – January 2023

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Dear colleagues,

Our meetings normally take place on the first Tuesday of the month. We did not feel that the first working day after the New Year holidays was a good day, so moved to 24/1/23.

Current industrial unrest has the potential to impact on the services we offer. Public transport strikes affect the ability of our staff to get to work, and LAS strikes may affect our ability to send patients urgently to hospital. However, the stories we shared were mainly of the daily struggle to access ambulance services. We also note that GP trainees may be involved in the BMA ballot of junior doctors.

We are currently involved with a range of consultation exercises and feedback. The ICB are reorganising their IT and Digital teams and have heard our thoughts about AccuRX. We have now further explained that the functionality of iPlato is inadequate, and many practices are just not using it. We expect the Okta tokens to continue to be funded, but the funding streams to support Ardens and EZ analytics remain under discussion. We are talking to those responsible for the transition from the Local Care Record to the London Care Record. We are interested to know how you have found the transition to WriteBack for Hub appointments.

We have started meeting about Medicines Optimisation and related contracts for 2023/24 in Lambeth. Separately, we hope to meet SLaM about patients on depot anti-psychotics. More widely, the ICB is keen to look at pathways in SE London and the Chairs of the 6 LMCs in the 6 boroughs are seeking clarification about the rationale for and impact of any changes and insist that general practice needs to be involved at an early stage.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Penelope Jarrett

Lambeth LMC