Lambeth LMC newsletter – September 2022

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Dear colleagues,

September is traditionally a busy time for us, and this year is no exception. There were many topics we could have discussed at length, but we devoted most time to the vaccine programmes. Having two booster programmes at the same time is confusing for all of us. Therese Fletcher was able to clarify some aspects of the Federation’s role, and we asked for clear communications to practices. We have remaining concerns over the administration of vaccine sharing, and coadministration of flu and Covid-19 vaccinations which will be complicated. Regarding the polio booster, this may impact on the PSB dates especially and thus affect QOF. Commissioners are escalating this question for us.

Following the abolition of the CCG, new structures are being put in place. There will be a new Primary Care Committee in Lambeth, which will be accountable to the Lambeth Together Care Partnership. Local commissioners are confident we will be able to make decisions about local budgets in this Committee. We discussed with them how it may relate to other important groups and committees. We welcomed Divanka Wijendra, the new CCPL for Primary Care and Estates in Lambeth.

We have vacancies on Lambeth LMC at present. If you may be interested in participating, then please let David know: The minimum requirement is to participate in the 2-hour monthly meetings (currently still remote) and in some email discussion. If you would like to attend the meeting as an observer, please also let David know so he can send you an invitation.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Penelope Jarrett

Lambeth LMC