Lambeth LMC newsletter – September 2023

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Dear colleagues,

The weather still feels like summer, but we are trying to make our winter plans. This is not helped by the strange antics of NHS England around the flu and covid vaccination programmes, but I am sure all Lambeth GPs will be doing their best under the circumstances. On the LMC we have a new committee which met for the first time on Tuesday 5 September, following the recent elections.

I am delighted to welcome new members: by the time we have arranged co-options and appointments to the committee we will have more new members than old ones. The membership list can be found on the Londonwide LMCs’ website. We are a diverse committee and will bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to our work which will strengthen and enrich it.

Today I am feeling optimistic.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Penelope Jarrett

Lambeth LMC