Media comment: 2024 London Mayoral election result

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Dr Michelle Drage, our CEO, congratulates Sadiq Khan and calls on him to use his new term of office to improve Londoners' health and support GP care.

“Congratulations to Sadiq Khan on his re-election as Mayor. Patients and GPs need the Mayor to stand up for safe care in London. It is imperative that the Mayor supports Londoners by using his influence over planning and public health as an advocate for the needs of 10 million people with national government.

“At a time when Londoners are using GPs and GP services more than ever before across the Capital, demand continues to outstrip the capacity of our hardworking general practice teams to meet it. We need more GP surgeries included in new build projects so that already swamped services don’t drown; we need effective scrutiny and advocacy to ensure that the needs and concerns of patients and community providers are taken seriously; and we need more infrastructure that encourages and supports active lifestyles and tackles the inequalities that can lead to and exacerbate mental and physical ill-health.

“The Mayor has plenty of opportunities to make London a healthier place to live. We welcome the important decision to support parents and children through the introduction of free school meals for all, and look forward to working with him to achieve the vision of healthy, happy citizens in the best capital city in the world.”