Motions for Conference of England LMCs 2020

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The England Conference of LMCs will take place on Friday 27 November and is being held virtually for the first time. The full agenda is available to view here, motions being put forward by LMCs from the areas covered by Londonwide LMCs are detailed below:

5. Agenda committee to be proposed by Tower Hamlets: That conference, in respect of the response of general practice to the COVID-19 pandemic, commends practices for stepping up to the unique challenges.

  1. Congratulates GPs and clinicians for developing and using alternative consulting methods during the pandemic.
  2. Believes that finding our way through the COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a driver for modernisation and positive developments.
  3. Believes general practice has demonstrated that the GP partnership model works and expects the government to remain committed to this model of primary care.
  4. Instructs GPC England to inform the government that GPs will not accept the return to the previous conditions of micro management and central control once the pandemic is over.
  5. Mandates GPC England to use this to insist on investment in the core contract rather than the flawed PCN model.

7. Agenda committee to be proposed by Hillingdon: That conference is concerned about the unfunded transfer of workload and responsibility from secondary care to general practice during COVID-19, and calls on GPC England to:

  1. Ensure all secondary care clinicians undergo an annual educational activity covering their duties and responsibilities under the NHS Standard Contract.
  2. Urgently negotiate that NHSEI mandates that all investigations initiated in secondary care are followed up in secondary care.
  3. Ensure that GPs are not held responsible if their patient’s clinical medical condition deteriorates whilst on unacceptably long waiting lists.
  4. Insist that NHSEI formally engage with CCGs to provide clear guidance on how to define unacceptable workload shifts.
  5. Agree financial sanctions against providers who do not reduce this transfer, with resulting funds being paid directly to affected practices.

10. Waltham Forest: That conference strongly believes that the current GP funding formula is both seriously flawed and outdated and demands that GPC England:

  1. Urgently calls for NHSEI to review the GP funding formula.
  2. Ensures that any future formula provides fair and full remuneration which recognises GP workload.
  3. Ensures that a revised funding formula appropriately and proportionately accounts for differences in patient. demographics, deprivation and health-seeking behaviour at individual practice level.
  4. Ensures that any revision does not result in practices losing out.

11. City and Hackney: That conference is concerned by recent moves to increase the number of GP appointments available to NHS 111 for direct booking and demands that GPC England ensures that the number of directly bookable GP appointments allocated to NHS 111 are not increased beyond what was agreed in the 2019 / 2020 GMS Contract.

Accepted to be voted on as part of a block of less contentious motions, but not to be debated:

A 46. Tower Hamlets: That conference notes that the limits of the PCN DES ARRS payment does not take into account the high cost of living supplement that affects NHS employment in London and surrounding areas and:

  1. Wishes to remind NHSEI that this is required so that the NHS workforce can afford to live close to work.
  2. Believes that withholding this payment is to the detriment of the population who live in London and surrounding areas as they will not be able to benefit from the additional workforce that the ARRS is funding.
  3. Recognises that although not affecting the whole of England, this situation is unethical.
  4. Instructs GPC England to insist that the government agree to fund the high cost of living supplement for all practice staff.

Last updated : 25 Nov 2020