Mword Issue 110 Dr Michelle Drage’s message on 1.9% uplift and the 24/25 Contract

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Covering: a message from the GPC, feedback on 'incentives', GP representation at the BMA ARM and a new WhatsApp group.

2 February 2024

Dear Colleague,

Four things. All connected. All important.

  1. Your 24/25 GP Contract – An important message from the GPC England Chair
  2. GP ‘incentives’ survey
  3. GP representation within the BMA – Vote for GP reps in the BMA ARM elections
  4. Join the new London GPs WhatsApp group
  1. Your 24/25 GP Contract – An important message from GPC England Chair
    Following a crucial GPC England meeting yesterday, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, the Chair, has this important message for GPs via a video shared on X (Twitter), including:

    “Unfortunately, GPC England feels that the offer as it stands will not bring hope, will not bring stability and will not guarantee safe care for our patients. Practices will not even break even, services will be cut and that’s not fair on our patients.”

    “We can’t do more with less, general practice is at saturation point, but we are professionals and expert communicators so GPC England has mandated us to go back undaunted, ensure no stone is left unturned and continue conversations over the next four weeks to hopefully prevent a chain reaction of events from ensuing. We will still be coming to you the profession in a referendum from March the 1st. This won’t stop a contact from being imposed, but I believe it will demonstrate professional unity as we take steps we haven’t taken in over a generation.

    “To use your voice, you need to join the BMA today. Why? To fight, to save general practice.”

    GPC England have also issued this press statement.

    So now we know. 1.9% uplift to GMS baseline funding. That’s it. No reduction of services. No recognition that we are shedding staff through burnout and ongoing unbearable workforce pressures. Other parts of the health service have received funding uplifts of 6% to cover inflationary costs including the pay of practice nurse, managers and administrative staff – more than three times the offer made to GPs. And this 1.9% is for practice funding, not just pay.

    This is how you are valued. In an election year.

    1.9% is a further raid on your ability to deliver your core essential service to patients. It is unsafe for you and it is unsafe for patients. You are being put in the position of delivering ever-increasing non-core transactions and barely surviving. Many of you and your staff are not even able to do that.

    As I said in MWord 109 three weeks ago, this isn’t general practice.

    This isn’t what we trained to do. It’s not what patients want or need. It just has to stop. See item 4 and join the new London GPs WhatsApp group.

  2. GP ‘incentives’ survey
    The Government is currently consulting on the future of GP ‘incentive’ schemes, and whether QOF should be scrapped or reshaped to reflect ICB targets and patient satisfaction. With the consultation expected to inform negotiations for the 2025/26 GP contract variations, it’s important we collate your views on the areas being considered for change. If you can, please complete our survey by mid February so that we can reply before the early March deadline.
  3. GP representation within the BMA – Vote for GP reps in the BMA ARM elections
    Voting within BMA Divisions to choose local representatives to attend the BMA 2024 Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) closes at midnight on Tuesday 13 February. The BMA ARM debates and develops important policy issues that affect the whole medical profession, not just general practice, but which may well impact the working lives of GPs.

    The ARM itself also conducts elections to many of the BMA’s Committees, so a strong voice and influence for general practice is heard. Colleagues who are BMA members may wish to review the local nominated candidates in their divisions, and vote for those who they feel best understand General Practice. You can access the BMA election portal at the link below (BMA members) and click on “Online elections”.

    Whilst not always organisationally intuitive, elections are taking place in the following local Divisions: North West London; North Central London; Edgware and Hendon; Enfield and Haringey; Islington; North East London; Tower Hamlets; South West London; Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham, and; Greenwich, Bexley and Bromley. City and Hackney Division is uncontested.

    LMCs have no involvement in, or control over BMA process, but we hope the above information is useful. The closing date for the Elections is Tuesday 13 February 2024 and you can access the BMA elections portal here by clicking on “Online elections” in the corner. If you have any questions about these elections or require assistance, please contact (Produced with thanks to our sister LMC organisations in Surrey, Sussex, Berks, Bucks, Oxon, and Cambs.)

  4. Join the new London GPs WhatsApp group
    Your GPC England reps in London have launched a WhatsApp group which all GPs are encouraged to join. The aim is to provide a space to share information following Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer’s call, gather views and consider what steps would be an appropriate response to any imposed Contract. Follow this link from the phone where you have your WhatsApp account and join the group.

As ever, I welcome your feedback at

With best wishes




Dr Michelle Drage MBBS FRCGP
CEO, Londonwide LMCs