Mword Issue 114: GPCE ballot on collective action and engagement event

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The ballot opens on 17 June, come and meet your GPCE and LMC leaders on 13 June near Euston.

20 May 2024

Dear Colleague,

Today I have two interconnected items for you:

  1. GPC England ballot of GP Contract holders’ willingness to take collective action
  2. Join us to hear from GPCE and LMC leaders on 13 June
  1. GPC England ballot of GP Contract holders’ willingness to take collective action
    So the big news from last week is that GPCE will be balloting partners on their willingness to take collective action as part of the dispute opened between the GPC and the Government, in their capacity as your trade union. Remember, if you’re not yet a BMA member or your membership details are out of date you need to act soon in order to participate in the ballot.The ballot itself will run from 17 June – 29 July, with any action resulting from it due to commence from 1 August. I encourage everyone eligible to take part in order to make the result as representative as possible of the views of the profession. You can hear more about the ballot from Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, Chair of GPCE, in this video.

    Katie also has this message about why all GPs should remain engaged with the process even though the ballot is just for partners:

    “This is phase one: some of the actions on our menu can only be done by partners.

    “Partners hold the contract. They employ the team. They determine the culture. They define how the practice is run. They need to grasp this nettle to secure the future of their business in phase one.

    “There will be plenty of other actions on the menu which can and I am sure will be done by other GPs and practice nurses, supported and facilitated by practice managers – the team will be instrumental to this action working. Everyone is safe to support as we are not asking anyone to breach any contract at this point.

    “The BMA GPC Sessionals Committee are the voice of salaried GPs across the UK and we are fully behind our wonderful colleague Dr Mark Steggles and his committee, and we too are so grateful for their support.

    “This action is targeted at the contract – money into the contract will benefit current salaried GPs and available locums. Changes to the contract rules could create 1,000s of GP and practice nurse jobs via ARRS. A new contract under a new government will resolve any partner/sessional tension. This action will be INDEFINITE and it will be for ALL of us.

    “It’s a lifestyle change. A chance to professionally reset. To draw a line in the sand and state ‘No more.’ From 1 August it will be different. And we are all doing this together.

    “Salaried GPs, practice nurses, GP locums, GP registrars – they are all in the car on this journey. But the car is owned by the partners, the team brings the fuel. Partners are in the driving seat. They’ll have to take a break and let the other passengers drive at some point, and they’ll depend on others’ fuel too – but as we start the journey together, the Partners need to show they’re willing to switch on the engine and start the journey

    “This is strategic. Trust us.

    “And this is phase one…”

  2. Join us to hear from GPCE and LMC leaders on 13 June
    You can also hear from Katie and Dr Julius Parker, Deputy Chair of GPCE, live and in person on 13 June, just four days before the ballot opens. The event is called ‘After the Referendum Our Future, Our Say, Our Way’ and runs in the afternoon, near Euston station. In addition, Dr Lisa Harrod-Rothwell, our Deputy CEO, will be talking about practitioner and patient safety, while I’ll be chairing the afternoon.

    Registration and light refreshments are available at 12:30pm, the event starts 1:00pm and runs until 4:30pm. Details of Friends House can be found here.

    Register to attend here. The event is free and open to all GPs, GP registrars, practice managers and nurses in every practice team across the London Region.

Please do share this MWord with your practice colleagues. As ever, I welcome your feedback at And do know that the team of experts and leaders here at Londonwide LMCs are here for you and by your side.

With best wishes




Dr Michelle Drage MBBS FRCGP
CEO, Londonwide LMCs