New five year GP contract

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The new GP Contract has been agreed between the BMA’s GPC and NHS England. This is a critical issue for London general practice and we will be circulating more information and analysis over the coming weeks to ensure that you do not miss any key dates and are clear on the bottom lines, and the risks.

Whilst it will likely help ease some pressure in the short term, the devil will, as ever, be in the detail.  We at Londonwide LMCs will be here to guide you through. Please remember, we are the only organisation with a sole remit to support all GPs and practice teams providing general practice across our boroughs in the Capital.

For your practice it means that the GP contract will increase by 1.4% in 2019 (with a further addition of 1% funding through networks). This includes:

  • A 2% uplift for GP and staff pay and expenses for every practice.
  • Uplift for practices to establish and develop networks (via an additional service within global sum).
  • Uplift due to population increase.
  • Adjustment for the state-backed indemnity scheme.
  • Increase to value of some vaccinations and immunisations, including influenza, to bring them all up to the same level of £10.06.
  • £20m recurrent for costs associated with processing subject access requests.
  • £30m for practices to make appointments available to NHS 111.

If you are coming to our Annual Conference on 12 March, you can hear the GPC’s Richard Vautrey and Krishna Kasaraneni outline further details of the conference, and take your questions. We also have Sir David Sloman (NHS Improvement/NHS England) and Dr Nikki Kanani (NHS England) speaking about at-scale working and the future of networks in the Capital. Book for the conference here.

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Last updated : 07 Mar 2019