Online STI service replaces in-person testing for asymptomatic patients

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Changes to sexual health services in London mean that anyone who is asymptomatic and wants to be tested for STIs should order a testing kit from the Sexual Health London website. It is advisable to update any practice staff who may need to signpost patients to sexual health services.

Sexual health clinics will only be providing appointments to people who have symptoms or believe they have recently had sex with someone who has an STI. More details about the testing kits can be found here, they are delivered in unmarked packaging and can be returned to the testing centre via freepost, with results sent via text or email.

Note: the online service is not available in Hillingdon, Hounslow, Sutton and Greenwich, practices in these areas should check their local arrangements.

The British Medical Journal reports that the government public health grant will have reduced by 9.6% by 2020-21, compared to 2015 levels.

Last updated : 16 Aug 2018