PCSE online accound for the Performers List – important information for individual GPs and practices

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The new Primary Care Support England (PCSE) online service for submitting Performer List (PL) applications and changes is now live and replaces the old paper forms.

The BMA’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC) has been involved in the move from the paper application to the online application process. Every doctor on the PL should have received an invitation email which would have been sent to the same email address used for professional communications with the General Medical Council (GMC), requesting that they set up their own PCSE online account.

Once registered, GPs should be able to check that their details are correct and provide access to the new online system to make changes. The GPC recommends that you log in to check the details, given the inaccuracies in the present list.

There is also a tick box which asks for your permission for your details to be shared with your local representative committee – which is your LMC. Please do grant permission for your details to be shared with your LMC, if you have not done so already, as this will allow your LMC to contact you. Capita (PCSE) cannot share your details with anyone else.

If you have not received an email you will need to check that you have an email address registered with the GMC and/or that this is up to date. You can do this by logging into your GMC Online account and updating the ‘My details’ section, by emailing gmc@gmc-uk.org or by calling the GMC on 0161 923 6602.

All GP practices should have also received a letter for the attention of their CQC manager, detailing how to register the practice for PCSE online. Please note that regulations require that a performer informs NHS England of a change of status and details. Changes to contractual status also requires notification by the GP and confirmation from the practice so it is important that practices and individuals sign up to the PCSE online. In addition, a delay in registering could potentially affect appropriate pension deductions and prescribing numbers, so please ensure that the practice registers without any delays.

Last updated : 13 Jan 2020