GP earnings declarations submission deadline

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GPs who earnt over £156,000 in pensionable income from NHS work in the financial year 2021/22 are required to self-declare their earnings.

The deadline to self-declare is midnight on 30 April 2023. GPs who are required to make a declaration will need to email NHS England in advance of the deadline to have an account created to provide their submission via. The NHS England guidance, updated 16 March 2023, details what sort of income counts for the purposes of the declaration and how to get an account.

The BMA has also issued guidance on publication of earnings, which was updated on 29 March 2023 to include a legal opinion that “no practice has a contractual duty to comply with these new rules until it is served with a 14 day contract variation notice”.

For the financial year 2022/23 the threshold will be £159,000 and for 2023/24 it will be £163,000. The requirement to submit earnings figures for publication came in in autumn 2021 as part of the GP Contract, but implementation was subsequently delayed twice.