Southwark LMC news update – May 2022

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Dear colleagues,

Southwark LMC is working to keep Southwark GPs, practice managers and nurses, and all those interested in primary care informed of what the LMC has been working on and provide details of all current LMC members. We aim to inform you of developments that are important to you with a regular newsletter. We would like to encourage Southwark GP teams to contact us with any concerns and views they have about issues raised.

What the LMC has recently been dealing with

Every Monday our Co-Chairs Ami and Kishor meet with meet with LMC Chairs and Vice-Chairs across the six South East London boroughs. This is a brilliant way of catching up with the Londonwide LMCs team as well as local LMC chairs. The Southwark LMC meets monthly with input from the federations and PCNs and the CCG. In addition, Ami and Kishor will work with the federations and the PCNs (North and South) to develop a unified voice of general practice in Southwark. This will be imperative to maintain GP representation as the integrated care system comes into effect. The LMC is here to represent general practice views and concerns on important issues such as the PMS premium and KPIs.

Amongst many other issues, we have recently discussed the following at our meetings:

IssuesLMC concerns
Transfer of un-resourced work from HospitalsBlood tests, Prescribing etc
ICS developmentGP representation
Safeguarding LISPayments and time
Digital firstGP appointments
Clinical Effectiveness Southwark (CES)Effectiveness and cost
London care recordConfidentiality and safety
Covid testingImplications for staff and patients
PMS premiumIs it fair and is it doable?
Prescribing incentive schemeAre the targets achievable and is the funding proportionate
Patient accessEPCS, ARRS, GP appointments

Best wishes,

Dr Kishor Vasant
Dr Ami Kanabar


Dr Robin Rastogi
Dr Mahreen Chawdhery
Dr Ade Salau
Dr Lily Topham
Dr Wilson Onyeka
Tilly Wright
Practice Manager Rep
Fatima Adio
Practice Nurse Rep

If you have any queries about the committee or wish to observe, please contact: David Moore: or please visit