Our summer 2023 workforce survey is open

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Our latest workforce survey arrived with most practices on Wednesday 31 May, although some will have had their email on Tuesday 30 May.

The email shows as coming from Dr Michelle Drage, our CEO, via polling company ComRes. It helps to improve the data quality and avoid unnecessary duplication if those people in a practice team receiving the email agree that one person will provide a single response for the practice. The survey closes on Tuesday 20 June.

Figures from the last round of the survey in December 2022 was used extensively to inform our report: Retention in London general practice and covered in GPOnline.

The data gathered from previous workforce surveys has been used in a number of ways to support our work advocating for you, including:

  • Obtaining coverage of London’s GP workforce crisis in dozens of articles and reports, including on the front page of a national newspaper.
  • Securing practice visits with MPs and Assembly Members from the three main political parties representing London.
  • Being invited to submit evidence to Parliamentary committee enquiries.
  • Showing commissioners and the other bodies which make up London’s health landscape that GP practices are facing significant workforce issues.