UK LMC Conference 2021 round-up

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The UK LMC Conference took place on 11 and 12 May, the motions debated and voted on at the conference can be read here, including which were carried, or carried in parts.

A video archive of the day is available here:

Motion 7 was proposed by Prof Gabriel Ivbijaro from Waltham Forest LMC, with parts i and ii being carried and part iii being carried as a reference. This means the first two parts are an instruction to the GPC for future negotiations, while the third part is for them to take into consideration.

Motion 7 in full:

That conference, with regard to the Covid-19 vaccination programme:

  1. applauds the efforts of GPs and their teams who are the reason why the UK programme has been successful in rapidly vaccinating our population including those who are most vulnerable
  2. believes that we need to start planning for an annual Covid-19 vaccination programme
  3. requires GPC to proactively negotiate with NHS / DHSC a Direct Enhanced Service so that if an annual Covid-19 vaccination programme is required it will be contracted with and delivered by individual general practices.