UPDATE: Application for a firearm and/or shotgun certificate, or registration as a firearms dealer (RFD)

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December 2021 update: the locally agreed forms have been superseded by new nationally agreed ones. We do not currently know if the responsibilities we clarified with the Met will be reflected in new national guidance to accompany these forms, but will share any such guidance as and when it is published.

In discussion with Londonwide LMCs, the Metropolitan Police have produced guidance for GPs to refer to when approached for a factual medical report by a patient applying for the grant of one of the above mentioned certificates.

The new process for granting licenses will be implemented from 5 July 2021 and separate information will follow with regard to renewals.

The Metropolitan Police were very mindful of the challenges that are currently faced by GPs, together with the concerns about the risks associated with the provision of such reports – with this in mind, the new approach is helpful for the following reasons:

  • It makes it clear that the final licensing decision remains solely with the Firearms Licensing Manager.
  • It provides a proforma which sets out the information that GPs are required to provide (with the option to provide any additional information the GP may find relevant).
  • The proforma is easy to complete and return.
  • It provides the relevant codes that should be used (with reference to the commonly used IT systems).

The paperwork makes clear that this is non–contractual work and any fees attracted by this report are a matter between the patient and the practice.

The Metropolitan Police guidance for the public can be seen here.

The Metropolitan Police guidance for GPs can be seen here.

An example of the report template can be downloaded here.