Still HR - Enterprise Associate

Founded by Robert Still FCIPD in 2007, STILLwHR is all about supporting their clients in creating happier workplaces. They are a team of experienced, highly qualified professionals bringing real results. They work with organisations in a wide range of sectors including housing and social care, private sector services, NHS, GP Practices and Medical Centres, charity, community health and welfare. 

Their services include:  

  • Leadership: They offer tailored strategies to elevate both business efficiency and communication within medical practices. Grounded in Leadership Consciousness, focusing on fostering self-awareness, accountability, and transformative thinking among healthcare leaders. Through bespoke consultancy, they work closely with partners to identify the root causes of pressure and friction within their business. They enable professionals to question ingrained habits and beliefs, encouraging a shift towards more effective, conscious decision-making and interpersonal communication. This involves individual and collective coaching sessions, strategic planning, and the implementation of practical tools for conflict resolution, communication and stress reduction. 

“Honest, wise, knowledgeable and completely dedicated to helping individuals and companies develop and grow to be the best they can be” 

  • Leadership & Management – They provide bespoke interventions on a 1-1 and group basis, designed to promote a culture of open, effective communication, reducing conflicts, fostering resilience and enhanced decision-making, between partners, staff and stakeholders. Tailored to the specific needs of medical professionals to lead and manage your business and care giving in an ever changing and pressured environment. 

Really appreciated the space for conversation created” 

  • Conflict Resolution and Workplace Mediation – They resolve the personal grief and organisational dysfunction caused by broken working relationships between employees or GPs, within a team, or between teams. With a high success rate, their professional mediation services support people to create their own solutions in Voluntary Agreements or Team Pledges.  

“Formal complaints by a number of women and a male colleague were averted” 

  • Workplace Investigations – They provide the external practical and impartial support needed to respond appropriately to internal allegations; they provide a professional and efficient service, producing a report guiding your organisation to determine its cause of action. 

“Advice was extremely insightful, relevant and valuable” 

Our Founding Director Robert Still is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Fellow of the Institute of Consultants, and qualified Workplace Mediator; he leads a team of colleagues qualified in the fields of HR, management, leadership and mediation,  

Call Robert on 07932 762448 for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can support you in achieving your objectives. 



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