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June 2023 workforce survey results

We will use this data to push for better resourcing and support for practices in the face of current challenges around workforce and demand.

Lambeth LMC newsletter – September 2023

Dear colleagues, The weather still feels like summer, but we are trying to make our winter plans. This is not helped by the strange antics of NHS England around the flu and covid vaccination programmes, but I am sure all Lambeth GPs will be doing their best under the circumstances. On the LMC we have […]

Redbridge LMC Newsletter – August 2023

Dear colleagues, Here are the news points arising from the most recent Redbridge LMC meeting and associated work. Secondary-primary clinical forums The LMC, with partners, is setting up direct liaison between doctors in primary and secondary care on clinical matters. A forum is being established for doctors from parts of Redbridge general practice, Waltham Forest […]

Waltham Forest LMC Newsletter – August 2023

Dear colleagues, Chair’s introduction As Chair of Waltham Forest LMC I would like to thank the LMC members for their support and contributions over the 2021-23 term, especially those stepping down from the LMC following the elections: Dr Rishav Dhital, Dr Gabriel Ivbijaro and Dr Sudeshna Sarkar. I would also like to thank all the […]