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Londonwide LMCs’ March 2018 newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter UK LMC Conference On 9 March, LMCs met in Liverpool to debate issues which affect the whole of the UK and provide direction to the GPC. READ MORE   ► LMC elections Next month you will have a chance to stand for election to your LMC. In May we will be holding […]

Londonwide LMCs’ February 2018 newsletter

February 2018 Newsletter Join our new Londonwide LMCs’ Buying Group We are delighted that so many practices have joined our new Londonwide LMCs’ Buying Group. The group provides registered London practices with unique discounts on key products and services. Please note that you need to register, even if you used the previous buying group arrangement, […]

Londonwide LMCs’ January 2018 newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter Local authority reports and letters reimbursement With practice resources more squeezed than ever we have written to local authorities in London to remind them that GP practices should be reimbursed for time spent writing certain reports and letters. READ MORE   ► Get ready now for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

Londonwide LMCs’ December 2017 newsletter

  December 2017 Newsletter Thank you for your hard work this year The difference everyone working in London general practice makes to the people you care for is a minor miracle day-after-day, all year round. READ MORE   ► Buying Group changes The Londonwide LMCs’ Buying Group is switching to a new partner, with exciting […]

Londonwide LMCs’ November 2017 newsletter

  November 2017 Newsletter London motions at England LMCs’ Conference Details of motions proposed by London LMCs backed by conference delegates. READ MORE   ► London health devolution deal signed The Mayor’s Office, Jeremy Hunt and a number of London health bodies have agreed for certain powers and budgets to be devolved to London. READ […]

Londonwide LMCs’ October 2017 newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter State backed indemnity announcement A round-up of Jeremy Hunt’s announcement and reaction to it from MDOs and GP bodies. READ MORE   ► How devolution can support joined-up health and social care Dr Michelle Drage’s article on how devolution offers an opportunity to build working relationships across London’s health and social care […]

Londonwide LMCs’ September 2017 newsletter

  September 2017 Newsletter Future GP workforce plans for London An analysis by the King’s Fund and recently announced plans by NHS England point to big changes in the capital’s GP workforce. READ MORE   ► Practice Managers’ Blended Learning Programme Londonwide LMCs are delighted to be launching a brand new blended learning programme for […]

Londonwide LMCs’ August 2017 newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter Waiting room video – what patients need to do when they are referred to a specialist Our new waiting room video is designed to inform patients what they can expect when they are referred to a specialist or therapist. The video includes information on tests and investigations, prescriptions, the provision of sick […]

Londonwide LMCs’ July 2017 newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter Guidance on CCG plans to make GPs ask patients to pay for over the counter treatments A number of London CCGs are suggesting practices should ask patients to buy their own OTC medicines. We outline the regulatory and contractual issues created by such plans. READ MORE   ► BMA ballot on willingness […]