PMA Excellence in Supporting Healthcare – FREE eLearning offer for practice managers

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We are pleased to be able to offer you a unique career development opportunity that is free for practice managers (including specialist practice managers or those aspiring to the role of practice manager) for a limited period only.

As part of our Practice Manager Development project, we have teamed up with the Practice Manager Association (PMA) to deliver an exciting new accredited e-learning programme, ‘ILM Excellence in Supporting Healthcare’ certificate, which normally costs £295.

What is involved

The programme enables learners to choose how, when and where you engage with the modules. It will support you to gain knowledge and skills that can be practically applied, enhance and support your career progression towards social prescribing and senior management. It is broad-based and aims to provide a generic overview of competencies required at Level 2, as well as embodying best practice to support NHS Long Term Plan initiatives.

The programme covers eight key core competencies:

  1. Ethical practice
  2. Effective communication
  3. Information governance
  4. Protecting patients
  5. Motivating and supporting skills
  6. Organising and networking skills
  7. Self-awareness
  8. CQC compliance

Course duration

There are 26 units, which vary in length and time depending on your knowledge and experience. Typically the duration is from 26-52 hours in total.

Further information about the course can be found by clicking here.

What to do next

Free places for this unique offer are limited. If you or a colleague would like to apply, please contact the PMA for an application form at You will be asked to provide a statement of commitment and a summary of what you intend to achieve, including the benefits and value this will bring to your practice/PCN.

I hope you are able to take up this exceptional offer that cannot be missed.

Last updated : 26 Feb 2020