Charles Rippin and Turner - Enterprise AssociatesVijay Acharya, MD of leading medical accountancy firm Charles Rippin Turner has looked after the tax affairs and financial details of clients in the healthcare sector for over 25 years.

Vijay and his FCA and FCCA-qualified team offer specialist expertise covering a wide range of areas, from pensions, expenses and personal tax services to company secretary services, premises procurement and grant funding applications.

They act for more than 200 medical practitioners and healthcare professionals throughout the UK in all areas of healthcare including GPs, doctors, surgeons and healthcare practitioners, small and medium-sized healthcare firms, hospital departments and medical authorities.

We can offer a free initial consultation to members of the BMA with one of our expert advisers – just go here now or call 0208 420 0540 to arrange. It will be fully confidential and without any obligation.



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