LMC Law - Enterprise AssociateLMC Law Limited is a newly established fresh thinking dynamic company. LMC Law has been established by Shanee Baker, formerly Senior Lawyer to the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA and creator and founder of BMA Law.

LMC law only delivers services via experienced healthcare lawyers who have already had firm and historical relationships with the majority of Local Medical Committees (LMCs) and are, therefore, uniquely placed to be able to better understand the needs and functions of LMCs particularly in this new and challenging health environment.  We understand the importance of each individual LMC keeping its identity and brand separate and distinct, so above all, we ensure that our service is not diluted as a one size fits all.  We will work together with each LMC to create a tailor made service and deal with the particular and sometimes unique issues that arise in each locality.

Our Promise is that we will deliver services to the highest of standards and use all best endeavours to ensure that turnaround times for delivery and completion of work is fast and efficient.  Urgent work is given priority and turnaround times where at all possible are within less than a day.

Our Services

We deliver a whole package of services to the LMC including but not limited to:

  • Advice on matters arising out of the General Practitioners Committee (advice on core primary care contracts and regulatory/legislative issues);
  • Employment law advice;
  • Procurement, bidding and tendering
  • Competition law
  • Clinical Commissioning/Constitutions/Legislation
  • Federations – legal entities or flexible arrangements for provider arm entities
  • Setting up provider arm companies/advising on all regulatory requirements
  • Partnership Agreements/drafting and advising on disputes/mediation/arbitration
  • Review and advice on all commercial contracts/policies/protocols.

Partnership Drafting Service

LMC Law offers a partnership drafting service to all LMC members. Our Partnership agreement is up to date and covers all the new amendments to the core contracts. This includes CQC requirements, CCG obligations and patients over the age of 75.  The Partnership Agreement costs £1600 plus VAT for a final approved agreement. Updates to current agreements are priced at £500 plus VAT.  We also offer GPs the chance to purchase a “question package”, which entitles the GP practice to ask six legal questions of our lawyers per year for a fixed price of £450 plus VAT.

Employment Advice

We offer employment advice for GP practices and an HR review at separate rates.  This includes all reviews of employment contracts, general employment advice, HR advice/best practice and advice on policies and procedures.


The range of seminars we can deliver include: GMS/PMS contract issues; CCG Constitutions and relevant legislation; Conflict of interests for practitioners and CCGs; Federations – formal and non-formal organisation; Bidding, tendering and procurement; Competition law and GPs/CCGs; Employment law; Contract negotiations and contract law; Directors duties; Partnership agreements and partnership disputes and issues; Maximising core contracts and funding – protecting general practice. The cost for seminars range between £500 and £850 depending on length and numbers.


All our fees including retainer fees are at discounted rates and are therefore, highly competitive.

For further discussion or advice please call Shanee Baker on 07788 313 582 or email shaneebaker@lmclaw.co.uk

Products and services

HR and employment indemnity package for practices and federations

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