LMC Law - Enterprise Associate

LMC Law is a niche legal consultancy specialising solely in primary healthcare and focussing mainly on general practitioners. They work across most of England covering almost 3/4 of the country supporting Local Medical Committees and their members. 

Established in 2004 by Shanee Baker, formerly Senior Lawyer and Advisor to the General Practitioners Committee of the British Medical Association, LMC Law has continued to grow and offers bespoke services with fast turnaround times and extremely competitive costs. Some services are free of charge, and chargeable fees are kept fixed and discounted to market rates. 


LMC Law has an excellent understanding of general practice and strive to assist, and hand hold their clients through sometimes complex and stressful matters. They understand the pressures GPs are under and always attempt to find quick solutions where possible. 

LMC Law work closely with Laytons solicitors LLP in respect of property and disputes, including mediation and arbitration. 


LMC Law services include: 

  • Advice on core primary care contracts and regulatory/legislative issues 
  • Employment law advice 
  • Procurement, bidding and tendering 
  • Competition law 
  • Clinical commissioning/constitutions/legislation 
  • Legal entities or flexible arrangements for provider arm entities 
  • Setting up provider arm companies/advising on all regulatory requirements 
  • Partnership deed drafting covering all aspects of clinical partnerships 
  • Review and advice on all commercial contracts/policies/protocols. 


Employment advice 

Employment law advice for GP practices is offered through LMC Law’s associate HR team (Sapern HR) who will provide a competitive quote on their fees and services.   



LMC Law regularly deliver a range of seminars covering topics including partnerships; employment law; contractual arrangements in general practice; disputes handling; GDPR and information governance; They also develop bespoke workshops or seminars where required. 


All fees including retainer fees are offered at fixed and discounted rates and are highly competitive. 

For further discussion or advice please call Shanee Baker on 07788 313 582;  email shaneebaker@lmclaw.co.uk 


Christine Poulton, Client Manager at christinepoulton@lmclaw.co.uk 


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