I have worked closely both within the NHS GP Practice Finance environment and within a supporting role with GP Practices since 2010.

I want GP Practice Finance to work efficiently for Practices so that the strain eases as much as possible for Practice Managers.  I understand the stresses and strains of ‘having’ to do it all within the practice.

I created BHConsults so that I could offer a consultancy service to GP Practices and Practice Managers and I offer support within the following specialist areas:

  • GP Practice Finance training
  • Set up and migration to Xero Cloud
  • Various levels of training on Xero
  • Support with PCSE On-Line portal (Open Exeter management and troubleshooting, GP Statements, NHS Pensions)
  • Support on payroll and NHS Pension issues
  • Support in reviewing PPA drug claim procedures and stock control
  • Support with Tradeshift billing and management of invoice processing, including debt collection
  • Troubleshooting NHS finance related issues, including software and IT problems
  • Support in building and implementing efficient and effective internal operational systems and policies
  • Reviews of current procedures and enabling more efficient management of the GP Practice Finance Office, including payroll, bookkeeping and payment runs and management reports
  • Outsourcing of bookkeeping services
  • Mentoring, coaching, and confidence building using NLP techniques

For a conversation, please reach out to me and quote LMC10 for a 10% discount.

Email: bernie@bhconsults.co.uk

Website: www.bhconsults.co.uk

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernie-hughes



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