TenderWrite Limited helps busy health care organisations relieve the pressure when tendering and bidding for key public sector contracts. We specialise in bid writing support and training on tendering into the NHS and wider public sector markets. If you need a helping hand in writing or reviewing bids prior to submission, TenderWrite can help you no matter the size of the project and no matter whether you need help writing or just a ‘critical friend’ to your business in reviewing your work prior to submission. We provide friendly and clear expert advice, plus clear and simple guidance on what to do. We’ve helped businesses win over £80M of contracts in recent years, and we pride ourselves on helping significantly improve your skills and confidence when it comes to creating responses to tenders overall.

Contact Jamie Edwards at TenderWrite Limited on 01978 280152 or email jamie@tenderwrite.com for more details, quoting “LLMC10” in order to receive a 10% discount off the total project cost of any support you need.


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