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MWord – Issue 16 – Securing the Future of General Practice in London

M word – Issue 16 – Securing the Future of General Practice in London Dear colleagues, Londonwide LMCs’ General Practice Cares campaign – Securing the Future of General Practice in London I want to bring you up to speed with proactive work we have been doing over the summer on behalf of you, your practice and your patients. […]

MWord – Issue 15

Dear colleague, As we knuckle down after another week of media onslaught, I  have 3 topics to cover: 1. A brief MMR update 2. The latest ideas emanating from the Secretary of State 3. The Londonwide LMCs’ General Practice Cares campaign As ever, if you have any feedback, thoughts, queries or concerns, please send to And do remember […]

MWord issue 3 – Dr Michelle Drage’s briefing on NHS reforms

I thought I’d share three of my more serious thoughts to do with Providing General Practice and NOT commissioning (mostly!)   The new transitional management landscape in London Our main job is Providing General Practice – enable us to get on and do it properly! Asserting our professionalism   I hope you will see some […]

Mword issue 4 – Dr Drage’s briefing on the NHS reforms

The Day After…   The Politics The Real World Michelle’s 3 step guide (definitely not a toolkit) to QIPP and GRIP   Dr Michelle Drage FRCGP CEO Londonwide LMCs   1.    The Politics   So the listening exercise is over, the Field Future Forum (FFF) has reported, the Prime Minister (PM) has spoken, and the Secretary […]

MWord Issue 14 – MMR catch up Programme update – 8 May 2013

Dear Colleague, Measles – MMR Catch up Programme UPDATE Thank you for all your questions. Here are a few more answers from our GP and practice support team along with some new information covering the following items:   1. Identifying your target cohort for the MMR catch up programme 2. Minimum requirement to claim payment […]

MWord Issue 13 – MMR catch up Programme update – 30 April 2013

Dear Colleague Measles – MMR Catch up Programme UPDATE – 30 April 2013 It has now been announced that there will be an MMR vaccination catch-up programme in England. Please look at this letter from NHS England outlining the main aspects of the programme and including a service specification for your information. We have simplified the details for you […]