Safe working pack

  • Safety

Your quick reference guide to useful resources to help manage your workload and avoid unsafe situations for both practitioners and patients.

This page is intended as an easy to refer to resource pack for use during clinical sessions, allowing practitioners to:

  • easily understand what activity they are required to undertake and what they can push back against,
  • explain to patients, trusts, commissioners and other bodies why a piece of activity should be provided elsewhere in the system, and
  • seek help from their local medical committee or the Londonwide LMCs team where your ability to deliver safe care is compromised by an issue outside the gift of the practice to resolve.

It also draws together other resources to help you to design and make changes that support safe effective working.

Londonwide LMCs exists to care for, value and protect everyone working in London general practice ​so that you can care for, value and protect your patients. It is the role of LMCs and Londonwide LMCs to raise requests for inappropriate workload transfers into general practice with the organisations who make them and seek to change behaviours so such requests stop.

Easy reference resources to help you work safely

Resources to help design and make changes in your practice to enable safe care

  • Abuse and violent patient guide
    This supports practices in developing risk mitigation measures, responding to incidents and taking the appropriate steps following an incident.

  • Londonwide LMCs support for addressing safety issues that are outside the gift of the practice to resolve

    Our offers to individual practices and clinicians

    We also expect to have a practice meeting webinar ready later in the summer, which will be added to this list.