RMJ - Enterprise AssociateRMJ Property Consultants Limited was established in 2014 to provide support for our sister company Invicta Surveyors.

We are specialists in the Healthcare sector mainly working with GP surgeries across the country.

Invicta Chartered Surveyors has been working in this sector for over 15years providing professional services and advice to GP Surgeries for Lease related issues, rent negotiations and reimbursements, property improvements and new premises. As the demand for our services grew and the dynamics changed we formed RMJ Property Consultants Limited to manage and deal with the construction and physical building aspects of the business.

​Our services include Project Management, Monitoring Surveyors for extended and new build projects, Technical support and advice for our clients and producing and administrating maintenance programmes for GP surgeries.  We have worked in the construction industry for over 30 years and have a good rounded knowledge of most aspects of the construction process. Included within our project management roll we will also carry out cost control duties ensuring costs represent both value for money and are contained within controlled budgets.

When engaged as Monitoring Surveyors on third party developments (3PD) we work closely with our GP clients during the construction stage of new surgery buildings.  We work to ensure that the Doctors get the building they want and that the project follows compliance to the statutory Healthcare Guidelines and codes of practice in the Healthcare Building Notes (HBNs) and Healthcare Technical Memorandums (HTMs). We also work closely with the design and construction team to monitor the quality of the build and also to keep tabs on cost and programme. For more information and contact details please click here.



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