Patient Engagement Project


Londonwide LMCs’ Patient Engagement Project aims to demonstrate and promote patient engagement as integral to high quality, sustainable general practice, supporting London GP practice teams in working collaboratively with their patients to help meet the current challenges facing general practice in the capital.

The project was launched in July 2016 with a focus on supporting practices in fostering and developing Patient Participation Groups (PPGs). The experiences and views of London practice staff and patients have directly informed project delivery.

The reports and resources you can find by clicking on the headings below all include practical information to help support practice teams and PPG members work effectively together to benefit both patients and practice.






The guidance section holds relevant information on a widerange of subjects related to general practice. Guidance is available either from the links below or by using the Search Guidance box on this page.

Winter planning guidance 2017 for practices - 08 December 2017

This year the early Christmas Eve/New Year’s Eve closing debate should only affect practices who are open seven days a week as both days fall on a Sunday. However, patients will need to be reminded that practices will be closed on Monday 25 and Tuesday...

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Police requests for medical records - 06 September 2017

The BMA has provided new guidance to GPs regarding requests from the Police to access patient medical records. The letter initially describes the circumstances in which the Police can request voluntary disclosure of a patient’s records, under Section 29 of the Data Protection Act. However, GPs should not disclose such...

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PCSE claims guidance - 22 August 2017

PCSE claims guidance (PDF)

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Practice Mergers Guidance - 19 October 2016

More practices are choosing to merge as a way of meeting the workforce and financial challenges GPs face. We have produced new guide to practices through this process.

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Publication of NHS payments to general practice and GP net earnings - England, BMA 'focus on' guidance - 30 March 2016

GP practices will be aware that, from 1 April 2015, it is a contractual requirement for practices to publish on their practice website by the end of the financial year (ie 31 March 2016) the mean earnings for all GPs in their practice relating to the previous financial year (ie...

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PMS Contract Reviews - Bulletin 1 December 2015 - 22 December 2015

PMS practices will be aware that NHSE has been tasked with undertaking a national review of PMS contracts. This is due to be completed by 31 March 2016. Londonwide LMCs have issued PMS Contract Reviews - Bulletin 1 which seeks to answer questions...

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Focus on Subject Access Requests for insurance purposes - August 2015 - 11 September 2015

The BMA's Focus on Subject Access Requests for insurance purposes - August 2015 is now available.

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Updated PGD and PSD guidance - 29 July 2015

The GPC’s guidance on Patient Group Directions (PGD) and Patient Specific Directions (PSD) in General Practice has been updated to clarify the rules surrounding private PGDs.

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Focus on PMS reviews and transition to GMS - June 2015 - 18 June 2015

The BMA 'Focus on PMS reviews and transition to GMS - June 2015' in now available.

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CQC inspections guidance – how to prepare for a successful outcome - important guidance for GPs and practice teams - 09 April 2015

More than 250,000 patients will consult their GPs and practice teams in the Capital today. It is those patients who should be the priority for GPs and their practice teams, not bureaucracy. We are committed to supporting GPs to help their patients, to build their...

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HSCIC cyber security alert - 07 April 2015

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) recently issued a cyber incident advisory alert. The HSCIC letter is about a potential cyber security threat which requires attention and follows on from a Department of Health alert about malicious software being present in...

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Focus on GP contract payment - 2015/16 - England only - 05 April 2015

Payments to GP contractors will change from 1 April 2015 to reflect negotiated contract changes and the Government’s acceptance of the Doctors and Dentists Review Body recommendation for contractor GPs. This General Practitioners Committee (GPC) guidance covers: 2015/16 Doctors and Dentists...

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LMC Finance Workshops - information for GPs and their practice teams - 31 March 2015

Dear Colleague. We recently ran three well received finance workshops which saw over 300 GPs and practice managers in attendance. Following an overwhelming response to these events we have gathered and reviewed the information provided and received by both the speakers and practices. A...

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Flu Guidance - 16 February 2015

NHS England London is promoting a big push on flu immunisation. We have produced a piece of guidance to inform and advise your practice though some of the logistical and financial...

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CQC reports in the media - 28 November 2014

CQC reports in the media Londonwide LMCs is aware that patients are expressing anxiety to practices regarding the publication in local media of alleged concerns about safety following the CQC intelligent monitoring reports. Practices may wish to use the attached message suitably personalised where indicated, to reassure patients.

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GPC guidance on GP services over the Christmas and New Year period - revised - 27 November 2013

GPC guidance on GP services over the Christmas & New Year period

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New GP Locum handbook published - 17 August 2012

The BMA has published online a new GP Locum Handbook, which provides advice on a range of issues toconsider when working as a locum GP.   The handbook includes specific sections on starting out as a locum GP, as well as other sections on setting up a business and...

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GMC guidance: continuing professional development - 17 August 2012

The GMC has published guidance describing how doctors should plan, carry out and evaluate their CPD activities with a view to appraisal and revalidation.   The guidance:  Makes clear reference to the GMC’s ‘Good Medical Practice’ guidance Incorporates the needs...

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New Pharmaceutical Regulations come into force September 1 - 17 August 2012

The new Pharmaceutical Regulations come into force on September 1 2012 and replace the 2005 regulations and its many amendments.  A guidance document will be published in due course.

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