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General guidance

Police requests for information from medical records

Confidentiality is central to medical care. Patients have a right to expect that the information they provide during a consultation is retained confidentially and not shared with other parties. However, there are situations in which confidentiality can be breached with legitimate justification. The GMC provides detailed guidance on this matter in their document ‘Confidentiality’. In […]

Covid-19 guidance

Coronavirus (Covid-19) official resources and guidance

Government agencies and representative bodies are providing advice on coronavirus via some regularly updated webpages. We suggest you bookmark these pages and check them frequently. All links are best viewed in Chrome. We have withdrawn and archived our Living Guide and Vaccine Guide documents, including the accompanying microsite. We feel our resources are now better directed to supporting London […]

General guidance

CQC guidance on registering for flu and Covid-19 vaccination programmes

CQC guidance on registration: Flu and Covid-19 vaccination arrangements was updated on 3 September 2021. The guidance states that providers may deliver flu, and potential coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccinations, in a different way to their usual winter vaccination delivery model. There is an expectation that providers will structure their vaccination service to meet high demand and […]

Covid-19 guidance

Mask wearing poster

Use our poster in your waiting rooms to remind patients of the importance of wearing a mask whilst in a healthcare setting. Download our posters

Patient engagement guidance

Londonwide LMCs’ Patient Engagement Project aims to demonstrate and promote patient engagement as integral to high quality, sustainable general practice, supporting London GP practice teams in working collaboratively with their patients to help meet the current challenges facing general practice in the capital. The project was launched in July 2016 with a focus on supporting […]

Beam to LMC

Don’t forget to download Beam to LMC – Londonwide LMCs’ app

Londonwide LMCs’ mobile application helps hard-pressed GPs and practice teams highlight the pressure they’re under from commissioners and others by allowing them to share those requests in real time.  Beam to LMC is easy to use and can be downloaded from the following links: Apple: Google: Accept the terms and conditions and the privacy notice. […]

General guidance

Updated guidance: appointment mapping

Practices will be aware that there is a contractual obligation to complete appointment mapping by the end of July. To ensure that the data is accurate this will take some time and planning. We have updated our summary of the national guidance with some tips to improve your data accuracy. You can access the summary […]