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Jan Harley-Doyle, who is both a Londonwide LMC Associate and the Academic Adviser for their Practice Manager Development Programme, offers a range of consultancy, mentoring and training services for staff working in general practice. Jan has extensive primary care management experience as well as a solid background in training.

Jan provides her NHS and private services under the LifeStyle Options ® corporate umbrella and her strap line of: “discovering aptitudes, realising potential” is the raison d’être of all her services.


Prior to joining the NHS, Jan worked as a teacher/trainer in both state and private organisations. She was also a sessional lecturer at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. She continues that interaction through her work with the LMC, various national NHS Training Hubs, and primary care organisations. Jan can tailor her training offering to the specific needs of individual commissioners.

NHS Pension Administration

Jan has developed a passion for ensuring that General Practice staff receive the correct benefits when they ultimately retire from the NHS Pension Scheme. This means that staff need to understand more about how to maximise the benefits and practices need to ensure they are administering the scheme correctly.

Jan offers a range of training sessions to address the needs of both staff and administrators, including:

  • An Introduction to the NHS Pension Scheme (for new staff members)
  • Understanding the NHS Pension – An Overview of Employer Responsibilities (for pension scheme administrators both internal and outsource providers)
  • You and Your NHS Pension (a more detailed session for scheme members)
  • Preparing for Retirement (for those approaching retirement from the NHS Pension Scheme)

Jan can also undertake a review of a practice’s NHS Pension Scheme administration in order to assess whether they are following the appropriate procedures and where necessary make historic corrections in order to ensure staff will ultimately receive their rightful benefits. This can be combined with training support to ensure that going forward the correct procedures are implemented.

Coaching and Mentoring (individual support contracts)

Through a combination of coaching and mentoring Jan helps clients achieve self-knowledge, clarity of purpose and life balance, especially at times of transition or crisis.

Her 33+ years’ experience working in and with the NHS together with her training in a wide range of therapeutic interventions and approaches, enables her to tailor programmes to address issues in both their personal and professional lives.


Jan provides consultancy services directly to practices. This intervention usually takes the form of a) assessing current management, leadership, and operational systems b) identifying/clarifying problem areas and c) working with the practice to develop and implement an improvement strategy. It may also include coaching/mentoring or training specific staff members or teams.


Jan has experience presenting at and chairing national management conferences and is available to speak at events in the London region. Jan utilises her breadth of work and life experience in order to encourage personal and professional development.

Contact details:

Jan Harley-Doyle

Telephone: 020 3239 8766

Registered Address:

LifeStyle Options

Kemp House
152 City Road



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