MST - LEL associate

Medical Services Training (MST) provide a range of high quality and exciting training courses that are designed help non-medically trained staff understand medical terminology and related issues, including notes summarising; prescriptions and investigation results.  MST’s approach to terminology is to help delegates understand the structure of terms, not just the meaning of words, so enabling them to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar words encountered in the workplace. 


All MST courses are fun and interactive, and all delegates receive a comprehensive course manual, which is invaluable for future reference. 


Courses include: 

  • Medical terminology (introduction, intermediate and advanced) 
  • Summarising medical records 
  • Prescriptions and prescribing 
  • Understanding investigations 
  • Quality and outcomes framework (QOF) 

MST courses are aimed at those working in a health care environment including: 

  • Medical secretaries and receptionists 
  • General Practice assistants (GPAs) 
  • Prescription clerks 
  • Practice managers 
  • Health care assistants 
  • NHS managers 
  • Non-executive directors in NHS Trusts 


All courses are delivered both face to face and online and enable staff to become more efficient in their day-to-day work. 


What course delegates have said: 

  • The course “will give me more confidence moving forward”. 
  • “Thank you very much – brilliant course.  Excellent trainer. Engaging and enthusiastic!” 

MST can be contacted on 01904 700917 or ( 



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