PMA - LEL associateAs an ILM and City & Guilds approved centre, the PMA is recognised as a provider of excellence in primary care workforce development.

Having worked with many NHS organisations over the years, the PMA has successfully trained workers in most areas of primary care across the UK. We provide a wide selection of workshops, two-hour masterclassesapprenticeship standards and diploma courses specifically for primary care staff – all in line with the recommendations set out in the General Practice Forward View (GPFV).

Most recently, we launched the PMA e-Learning programme, offering flexible development opportunities to the non-clinical workforce. The PMA Consultancy and PMA Conference Management  support offered by the team, ensure those working in the NHS have the tools and skills required for all eventualities including formation of PCNs and organising bespoke local events. For more detail, please contact us at any of the following:


T: 0330 111 6459






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