The Development People - Enterprise Associate

The Development People have worked closely with primary care, specifically general practice, since 2015; designing and delivering training and development solutions that are practical and relevant to practices. 

Practice/Leadership Development 

They support general practice leaders to find better ways of working, through people and processes, that benefit both practice and patient. 

They want practices to get the very best from their people to develop a culture of ownership, learning, growth and performance. This has never been as important is it is now. 

Practices have worked with them on the following: 

  • Leadership/Management Training
  • Strategical Planning
  • Performance Development
  • Organisational Development (Practice & PCN)
  • Partnership Working / Mergers
  • Transition Planning / Change Management
  • Away Days / Target Days – Whole Team Development

Staff/Team Development 

The Development People also have a ‘Frontline Excellence Academy’ that is designed specifically to meet the challenges that reception and admin face every day.  

The foundations of our programmes are centred on:  

  • Building a positive mindset 
  • Increasing confidence 
  • Sharing knowledge and skills 
  • Embedding new behaviours and habits 

The programmes are: 

  • Mindset Matters
  • Positive & Proactive Communication
  • Productive Conversations in Challenging Situations
  • Skills for Confidently Signposting Patients
  • Creating SPACE – resilience and wellbeing

What practices say about us: 

“If your practice or PCN (Primary Care Network) is undertaking a merge or designing a shared network of staff then I cannot recommend this investment in development, by TDP, highly enough” – Sue Richards PM 

“The Development People understand primary care and the challenges that the administrative team face. Their training to our practices has been transformational. Lucy Hadley’s positive approach is infectious, and I look forward to working with The Development People more in the future” Louise Greenwood Director of Education, Training & Development (Wessex LMC) 

Practice Leadership Programme 

“This was by far and the way the best leadership / management course I have ever done. Very informative, expertly led and thoroughly enjoyable. It has made me think differently about leading and managing my team and reminded me to view my colleagues as individual people” – PM 

Get in touch to discuss your development requirements and Quote LMC10 to get a 10% discount. 



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